Spoon Stand with Carving Work


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Are you looking for an elegant way to store and display your spoons?

 Look no further than this beautiful handmade spoon stand! Made from wood and intricately carved, this spoon stand is sure to be the perfect addition to your dining table. With three compartments, you can easily store and display your spoons for easy access and convenience. Measuring 16 x 10 inches, this spoon stand is the perfect size for any table.


🔨 Handmade: This spoon stand is handmade with wood and intricately carved. 

🌳 Material: This spoon stand is made with wood for a classic look. 

🍴 Compartments: This spoon stand has three compartments for easy storage and display of spoons.


- Size: 16 x 10 inches 

- Material: Wood 

- Number of Compartments: 3


Simply place the spoon stand on your dining table and place your spoons in the three compartments. The spoons are now easily accessible for use.


Q: How big is the spoon stand? 

A: The spoon stand is 16 x 10 inches. 

Q: What material is the spoon stand made from?

A: The spoon stand is made from wood. 

Q: How many compartments does the spoon stand have? 

A: The spoon stand has three compartments.